Protocol Overview

The Advanced Microcontroller Bus Architecture (AMBA) specification states an on chip communications standard for designing high performance embedded microcontrollers.
Among three distinct buses of AMBA specification, AHB is a new generation of AMBA bus which is meant to address the requirements of high-performance synthesizable designs.
The widely adopted AHB System Bus connects embedded processors such as an ARM core to high-performance peripherals, DMA controllers, on-chip memory and interfaces. AMBA AHB implements the features required for high-performance, high clock frequency systems.

VIP Details

Our AMBA AHB VIP is robust and flexible product which can be easily configured as single or multi master and slave . The VIP code is written inSystem Verilog and supports the latest verification methodology likeUVM as well.
The AMBA AHB VIP is designed to verify all the AHB protocol components including: